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Odds n Sods (shorts I have done over the years including pilots and some more experimental home spun pieces)


Anna is NOT a happy little girl…and a family holiday probably won't improve her mood as it will be rubbish. It's always bloody rubbish….

ANNA SPUD  Director: Ed Foster  Duration: 10mins

Created as my graduation film for my masters at the National Film & Television School. Anna Spud has been picked apart and put back together as the new animated Series 'The Rubbish world of Dave Spud' found on the DAVE SPUD Page. 


Voice cast Narration: Terry Wogan, Betty: Pam Ferris, Gran: Liz Smith, George: Jim Broadbent, Anna: Morwenna Banks.



Winner Best film - Chichester International Film Festival 

Finalist - Royal Television Awards

Finalist - British Animation Award (BAA'S) 

Commendation - Learning On Screen Awards

Special Mention - Mecal Film Festival

Finalist - Virgin Atlantic/NFTS film festival



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'While You Were Sleeping...'

While You Were Sleeping...  Directed: Ed Foster  Duration: 1min 33 sec


Pixelation & Time Lapse 

Pensioner Penny            She's Old and she's Cold....

Pensioner Penny  Director Ed Foster      Duration: 4min 53 sec 


The grumpy pensioner based short was shot using b/w film stock on an old rostrum camera and edited on an old Steenbeck.


You can hear me talk about the approach to making the short in the clip below which is part of the 'Future Learn - NFTS Explore Animation course'  




Winner Best Animation - Royal Television Awards 

Winner Best Animation - Reel to Reel Film Festival Glasgow.


Pensioner Penny - the making of...
I talk about some of my 'home made' solutions to the animation - Part of the free 'Future Learn online course NFTS Explore Animation' 

Harold & Mabel 

Harold & Mabel  Director Ed Foster  Duration: 1min 23 sec b/w subtitled.

My one and only foray into puppet animation - created as an exercise of working to piece of given script. (the subtitles are a happy accident after the audio tape snapped - I still gave credit to the voice actors) I stitched the stiff home made puppets (made out of bits of dolls) to the sofa so they couldn't move much, the cat was animated by being hit every frame with a wooden knitting needle to give that jittery look. After Effects used for a little post production work. Aardman liked it enough to put on their commercials reel which was nice.

Created at the National Film and Television School  
Music credit - Edith Piaf - La vie en Rose..

My Rubbish Pets...  Mr George Dog


Mr George Dog  Director/Writer Ed Foster Duration: 5min 20 sec


My 'Rubbish Pets' series of mock up books has been languishing aimlessly on my shelf for about six years (further story's examples to be found in the 'Doodle' section of blog - under the title Dumb Pets). The story is a little threadbare and with more holes than my favourite socks, but I wanted to get my head around the latest version of After Effects - so downloaded the free trial and used the story to give me a focus. Here is 'Mr George Dog'.


It has taught me that my vocal efforts are akin to Katie Price, that any type should kept big or it goes all fuzzy when uploaded - and that there are an awful lot of compression codecs out there -and that I still love After Effects.

BUDDY & ELVIS...'Cat Powers'   Teaser Trailer 

Buddy & ELvis  'Cat Powers'   Director: Ed Foster   Produced at Illuminated Films. Software: Cell Action.   

One Part of selection of  four pilot teaser clips to promote series featuring a pair of juvenile aliens hiding out on Earth disguised as domestic pets. 

BUDDY & ELVIS... 'Intelligent Life?'

BUDDY & ELVIS 'Intelligent Life?' Director: ED Foster  Produced by Illuminated Films. Software: Cell Action.

no 2 of set of four pilot teaser clips to promote series concept. 


CAT MUSIC   Director/Animator  Ed Foster  Duration: 1min 21sec 


Musical short. Created whilst at the NFTS by photographing home made puppets from different angles then piecing it all together in Adobe 'After Effects' software. With their logo added - MTV used this as an ident on their MTV Europe channel as a promotional sting.


Music composed by Alexander Ellerington.

'The Shipping Forecast'

Lying in bed unable to sleep...the shipping forecast is on the radio.... 

The Shipping Forecast Directed: Ed Foster  Duration: 2min 30sec


Taking inspiration from old geography school books, crystals, a few collected finds and of course the  Shipping Forecast and my varying moods through the day. Filming footage of skies, sea, cliffs at various locations. The repeated refrain of the moving line is a cross section of terrain -  suggesting constantly changing landscape of lava and waves. I am not a musician but wanted to create the soundscape as part of the process


Soundscape/vocal: Ed Foster.

Additional sonic pieces: Alexander Ellerington.





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