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The Rubbish World of Dave Spud series is based on my original idea and was commissioned by CITV in the UK, the first series of 26 x 11 minutes hit our tellyboxes Sept 2019. The series has been big ratings success in the UK, so now in production on 2nd season of a further 52 episodes due in 2021.  I continue to write a bunch of the episodes when I get chance, but work closely with a small team of writers for the rest. I also direct the series. The series has been sold to Australia, Sweden and there is an excellent Welsh version.  


The Rubbish World of Dave Spud follows the misadventures of a very average boy, Dave Spud (voiced by Johnny Vegas), and his family. Along comes some rather extraordinary occurrences, Dave gets the blame (regardless of whether it is or isn't his fault, but it usually is) so Dave united with his staunch (my favourite word after watching the marverlous Grey Gardens documentary) family, including Gareth the Starfish and one eyed flea ridden Fuzzypeg the dog! the Spuds must deal with it, whatever 'it' is  - and 'DO IT WITH GUSTO' (and be back in time for dinner preferably) 

voice cast also includes talent such as Philip GlenisterArthur Smith, Lisa HammondJane HorrocksGina Yashere, and Johnny Vegas as our Dave Spud. Brit Awards-winning electronic music duo Basement Jaxx (Felix Buxton and Simon Ratcliffe) have done a fantastic job creating new original library of music that I then select and edit to picture to become the soundtrack to the series. 

I wanted the show do its own thing and yet remain true to its Anna Spud and Pensioner Penny family tree roots (my prev animated shorts that can be found on the 'odds n sods' page) all the production team get into the Spud spirit and make it real pleasure to work on despite a really tight turnaround and modest budget, we certainly try and make up for that in personality!! I just hope it finds an appreciative audience.  

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